About Us

Our Mission

Forever Blooming is a mental health organization that aims to eliminate mental health stigma, embrace vulnerability, and nourish self-growth. Our mission is to spread mental health awareness and educate others in a unique and diverse light. We provide our audience with realistic tips to cope with different situations from different perspectives.

Core Values

1 - Knowledge

Here we value the pursuit of knowledge and education. The best way to eliminate stigma and bias is to continuously learn about the unknown with an open mind.

2- Self-Improvement

While the journey can be tough, wanting to improve your mental well-being and grow throughout each stage of your life is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we feel stuck, and that's okay. Getting back up again with the mindset of it never being too late to blossom is what we hope to empower others to do.

3 - Vulnerability

Often times we avoid in-depth conversations and have a fear of displaying strong emotions. However, being vulnerable is not something we should fear. In fact, being vulnerable can lead to establishing stronger bonds, learning more about yourself, and growing into the best version of yourself.

Our Partners

Here are student organizations that we support and endorse!

Show some love to our partners who have supported us along the way.

Each Mind

Each Mind is a youth-run organization to change the mindset on mental health by enriching dialogue, advocating for policy reform, and making treatment accessible for all.

Reach Out: communications@eachmind.org

Queer Youth Rises

Queer Youth Rises is a youth-led organization that aims to provide education on the Two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (2SLGBTQ+) community and bring together 2SLGBTQ+ youth to help others feel accepted.

Reach Out: queeryouthrises@gmail.com

Flemeur World

Flemeur is a nonprofit student-led organization that aims to work towards destigmatizing mental health and uplifting the notions of equality. Through our initiatives, we want every person out there to feel heard, to know that their voices matter. We're still growing, we're still learning and the support we get makes it all better!

Reach Out: flemeur.org@gmail.com

Creative Mind Studios

Creative Mind Studios is a no filter, real student led podcast. Yup, you read that right! This podcast is all about bringing an organic convo about all topics of today. Our mission is to create real, unscripted content about everything life has to offer. We are here to create a space for everyone to share their story and their view. We value the truth and authenticity, and you will hear that in our podcast.

Reach Out: management.inwillstudios@gmail.com

Partnership Guide

Interested in supporting each other and developing projects to create change? Click Here to find out more about our partnership guide!